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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I'm in Taiwan!

Sunday was a VERY long day for me.  After finishing teaching and packing it was almost midnight Saturday night before I went to bed.  Then up at 4:00 to catch the 8:30 flight from Beijing to Taipei where I was greeting by my next hostess, Jane Wang.  We traveled to the other end of Taipei to wait 5 hours for our flight to Taitung City where I am teaching now.
While in Taipei, we visited the world's 4th tallest building, Taipei 101.  Of course we only visited the first 5 floors which were filled with high end stores, but this is a pretty impressive sight!
It is early Thursday morning and we are already halfway through this class. As always, God has sent some really wonderful people to take the class.  They are all very well educated in early childhood, but very eager to learn more about Montessori education. 
We observed in the lab school here on Tuesday morning and when we discussed our observations I guided them through an exercise to see how a change in the environment could affect the behavior of the children.  That afternoon the students begged to go make some changes, so we worked about 2 hours and rearranged the environment.  When we observed again Wednesday morning, the difference was profound!  This is one of the reasons I do this--it is so rewarding to see students grasp the ideas, desire to implement them, and then see positive results.  They still have a way to go, but I am confident that after I leave, they will continue to make positive changes for the children.

I received a warm welcome at the University where I am teaching!  Here I am with Jane, on the right, and my translator, Dr. Shu-Feng Chen on the left.  The flowers and sign were a gift from the students.

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Kathy Clinton said...

Amazing. You are such a wonderful teacher. I'm sure they will hate to see you leave!